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Internet Room

Mouse Internet Room is where the whole concept of Mouse’s branding originated. The main Mouse colour scheme began with the unique shade of our top quality mouse-green Positura 3 Lever Task Operator reclining seats in the specially designed Internet Room. The room is brightly decorated with a mix of LED lighting and skylights, allowing a bright, airy, naturally lit environment (A change and improvement on the traditional cybercafe)

The Internet Room consists of 16 dedicated PCs hardwired via Cat6 cabling to our dedicated Dell server. A Dell Sonicwall TZ300Firewall sits between the server and the incoming Virgin Media high speed 400mBs broadband, ensuring maximum security for all users and full protection from any external threats.

The PCs were selected as multi-functional machines, with windows 10 and full office suites installed on all computers. Twelve compact Dell Micro 3046 computers with i5-6500 processors and 500Gb memory were selected for their flexibility, reliability and space-saving designs. These units are secured to the 27″ BenQ monitors to maximise deskspace whilst working. Four Alienware Aurora R5 Gaming PCs with I7-6700 processors¬† and Invidia Geforce 950</strong> graphics cards ensure that even the most graphics hungry games run smoothly on these machines. The BenQ 27″ and 28″ monitors with 1ms reaction times and LED 1080p HD screens ensure anything from HD movies to high graphics games are displayed perfectly.

The network is protected by Symantec Endpoint software which consists of anti-malware, intrusion prevention and firewall features. Endpoint Protection regularly scans computers for security threats. It is used to prevent unapproved programs from running, and to apply firewall policies that block or allow network traffic. It attempts to identify and block malicious traffic in a corporate network or coming from a web browser. It uses aggregate information from users to identify malicious software. Symantec uses data from 175 million devices that have installed Endpoint Security in 175 countries, thus ensuring that the Mouse network is totally secure for all our customers.

In addition, Faronics Deepfreeze is installed on the Mouse server. This software ensures that, at the end of each day (or after each PC is rebooted) all information and programs installed that day are wiped and the PC is returned to its original condition, thus allaying any fears of PC history being viewed by any third party. See Deepfreeze

All of these choices mean that the Mouse Internet Cafe is constantly up to date with all ICT, in a bright, friendly and safe environment. Our Mouse staff are available to help with any queries and there is no such thing as a stupid question.

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