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Our responsibility to help save our environment, and to encourage others to do the same, was one of the main areas we concentrated on when starting Mouse in 2017.  This meant instilling an ethos into our staff and customers alike of embracing our real responsibilities to be sustainable and energy efficient.

Construction: From the beginning we used as much of the existing fabric of the building as possible. Cubicles which had been previously installed were refurbished, repainted and re-used. Existing electrical systems were tested and where safe, re-used. These efforts all help to minimise our environmental effect.

Energy: We determined to minimise our energy use  by selecting the most energy efficient equipment from PCs to printers to lighting to coffee machine to water boiler. Our HP printers use energy-efficient technology in temperature, humidity and sound reduction. The HP robust scanning system captures the correct content and eliminates blank pages in documents to avoid paper waste. Our PC network incorporates a complete nightly shut down to ensure maximum energy saving. In our workspace, coffee/wifi bar and exterior we have installed LED lighting. LED lighting consumes 90% less power than incandescent of halogen lighting. LED directional lighting capability reduces light and energy waste. The longer operational life of LED allows for a low maintenance lighting system. In contrast to fluorescent lamps, which use higher voltage to start in lower temperatures, LED performance increases in lower temperatures. LED lighting emits virtually no excessive heat or UV (ultraviolet radiation) and without the flicker of fluorescents it facilitates an amenable space for working with PC or laptop screens.

At Mouse we are proud to play a part in reducing our carbon footprint. Re-cycling: For takeaway orders we selected compostable cups and plates with advice on disposing, thus ensuring landfill waste is kept to a bare minimum. Our recycling and organic bins are clearly marked in shop and make up >90% of our waste.

Mouse Bins

New guidelines from the Department of the Environment go a long way to help clear up confusion, for home and at work, on what can and can’t be recycled:  Recycle List   Video   Re-using: (Cups) Mouse were delighted to introduce to the Cork coffee scene the collapsible pocket cup. We offer a 10% discount to customers who bring in their own reusable cups. Realising that many customers found existing keepcups too bulky we sourced the innovative collapsable pocket cup. It is a reusable collapsible cup which collapses down to 50mm (2”) in height making it suitable for habdbags or pockets.  The cup is made from food grade silicone and contains no BPAs, no phthalates, no glues and no lead. The pocketcup is also dishwasher safe and comes in a multitude of colours and two sizes, 12oz and 16oz Pocket Cups

Stojo colours
16oz colour selection
stojo 16oz
16oz with straw
Stojo 16oz
Pocketcup Pale Pink
pocketcup 12oz
Original Green 12oz

Conscious Cup Campaign In addition to this Mouse are proud to be a member of the Conscious Cup Campaign, a group striving to make single use coffee cups a thing of the past. By displaying the logo in our shop window we are spreading the word that not only is re-using cups good for the environment, there is a financial benefit also.  See https://consciouscup.ie/ for more details Sustainable Coffee: Sustainable products have been carefully chosen and are responsibly recycled or composted. Our coffee beans are ethically sourced and are Rain Forest Alliance and Fairtrade approved. Lavazza Sustainability Report The manufacturing process of our coffee, from raw materials to end product, is considered from a sustainable-led perspective. The industrial part of the process utilises innovative technology and management systems that enables lower energy consumption and less packaging waste. From farm to coffee cup the emphasis lies on sustainability in agriculture and allies with our ethos of supporting the Slow Food movement. All our coffee grinds and paper waste are recycled locally.   Mouse is allied with CIT Hincks Centre working on innovation for Green Business standards. Hincks Centre Cork   Water Conservation: Mouse has recently become the first Cork City member of Refill.ie. Refill.ie is a voluntary environmental project leading the way to make Ireland a tap water refill country where filling up your reusable bottle for FREE from one of over 300 and rising refill locations is an everyday task. This avoids any further totally unnecessary single use plastic drinking water bottle purchases and waste, while helping our environment (hugely!), our health and our pockets all at the same time. The Refill.ie voluntary projects aims to prevent plastic waste through reducing the amount of single use drinking water plastic bottles we consume in Ireland of which a very significant portion end up on our streets, waterways and seas, but whilst keeping us all healthy, hydrated and saving money at the same time. Simply put, if the waste is not created in the first instance, there is no waste management problem. Click on the TAP MAP for your nearest Refill.ie location Tap Map More details at Refill.ie website

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