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Refill Ireland Filming

SEI Award Winner: Refill Ireland

"One simple change"… that's all it takes to make a significant impact, and SEI Award winner, Barry O'Connor, is leading the way with this powerful initiative.

Pubblicato da Social Entrepreneurs Ireland su Sabato 13 ottobre 2018


Refill Ireland: Mouse has recently become the first Cork City member of Refill.ie.  To make this important initiative work to best advantage we installed a tap in our self-service area.  This endeavour was recognised by Refill inviting us to be included in a promotional film.  Mouse got ready for the close up on Tuesday 18th of September when the crew arrived for two hours of filming including an interview on all of our sustainable measures.  We had the opportunity to express our pride in doing a small part in addressing the worldwide issue of reducing plastic waste.

Refill Ireland is a voluntary environmental project leading the way to make Ireland a tap water refill country where filling up your reusable bottle for FREE from one of over 300 and rising refill locations is an everyday task. This avoids any further totally unnecessary single use plastic drinking water bottle purchases and waste, while helping our environment (hugely!), our health and our pockets all at the same time.

The Refill.ie voluntary projects aims to prevent plastic waste through reducing the amount of single use drinking water plastic bottles we consume in Ireland of which a very significant portion end up on our streets, waterways and seas, but whilst keeping us all healthy, hydrated and saving money at the same time. Simply put, if the waste is not created in the first instance, there is no waste management problem.

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More details at https://mousecork.ie/environment/ and  Refill.ie website 

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